Yes, I’m excited that you will be receiving the following training and marketing done for you to help you grow your business online and generate more targeted leads and customers. 

You will receive:

A 1:1 personalized coaching session with Allison Shreeve to clarify the best market to target for your passion, products and services. You will understand how to reach more customers and convert them into sales using social media in my niche. (Value $997)

Unlimited Access to the Social Media Authority Membership area for 12 months – Complete with video training about how to get FREE traffic from social media, how to set up your social media pages and link everything together properly for maximum results. Also included are checklists and cheat sheets to help you grow your business quickly. (Value $1497)

6 x Monthly webinar training sessions to answer questions about social media, marketing and how to grow a successful, scalable, online business. (Value $2997)

Complete creation and/or optimization of your Facebook Page, LinkedIn Profile & Page, Google+ Page, YouTube Channel and Twitter Account so that your pages can rank within the platforms and in Google searches. (Value $4997)

Integration between social media platforms to make sure you grow your following and not give away leads. (Value $997)

Social Media Branding Done For You for your Facebook Page, LinkedIn Profile & Page, Google+ Page, YouTube Channel and Twitter Account – Including copywriting, graphic design and positioning you as an Expert for maximum impact across multiple devices. (Value 1997)

2 Pinnable graphics you can use to pin to the top of your timeline wall’s – Designed to engage your customers to take action with copywriting, call to action and graphic design. (Value $57)

Facebook Ad training and 2 Custom Facebook Ad graphics designed to promote your product or service or page. Complete with copywriting, word placement and graphic design. (Value $1197)

BEST BONUS EVER! For the first 20 people ONLY, you will receive 35,000 LinkedIn Email address which you can connect with inside LinkedIn, and market your products and services to. Remember, the average LinkedIn income is $110,000/year! These are affluent decision makers.

(Priceless… or if email addresses costs you $1 / email, it’s worth $35,000!)

TOTAL VALUE: $55,027

One Time Payment of



Monthly Installment of



Total Value $55,027….and You Can Access All Of This Amazing Training Now!

What Some Our Customers Are Saying

"I have made the first residual income I’ve ever made and it’s already up to $14,000US in the first few weeks. It’s just unbelievable, and the thing is, it’s so easy, it took me about an hour! Do yourself a favor, if you really want residual income, this is it!"

Marguerite Pocknell

"I can't contain my excitement! We are definitely learning new useful skills with this membership area, like logo designs etc. We can help lots more people now, some of whom I will help now sooner which is fulfilling in itself! Thnx heaps for the great support, we are learning & teaching new skills as well to being able help others in turn! You are Awwweeessoommee!" 

Chrissy D - Entrepreneur

"I’m the owner of Words-R-Us. A small website development business. I’ve been doing online marketing for about 4 years now. I have 87 websites and I’ve never got the results that I’m getting now after using the strategies of this membership site. In the last 2 months alone I’ve earned over $10,000 additionally online. I can’t recommend it highly enough. If you’re wanting to start a business or you have a business of your own that you want to take to the next level, then you have to get in now!" 

Margaret Thompson - Business Owner

"I’ve been in online businesses since October 2014 and I’ve been stumbling along. I’ve been trying various different things, I’ve been systematically working at it, but I haven’t managed to put everything together. Even though I work in the technology space, I haven’t been able to get the technology right, I haven’t had the time to get the technology right. And when I came across this program, it sort of just jelled.  I had spent all of this time trying to get things to work and out of the box I can put it all together and I have a business that is the end to end solution.  So I’m really wrapped and lots of people are making really good money on it. It’s a great opportunity...because you get results."

Herman Van Niekerk

By purchasing this program you understand that you will invest $2997 in full OR $1197 x 3 monthly Payments and that there is a 3 days money back guarantee period. If you choose the payment plan, ALL three payments must be made.

In the unlikely event that there is a refund request, it will only be issued of you have taken the minimum action: Book and attend your coaching call with Allison Shreeve and fill out the form in the membership area so that we can set up your social media. If you cannot commit 3 hours towards growing your business then this program is not for you.