Turn Facebook Into A Lead Generation Machine and Make Sales and Leads In Any Niche or Product!

Why advertise on Facebook? You should know the real numbers...

  • • Over 2 BILLION MONTHLY active users on Facebook
  • • Over 1 BILLION DAILY active users on Facebook
  • • Youtube has 1.5 billion monthly active users
  • • WeChat has 889 million monthly active users
  • • Instagram has 700 million monthly active users
  • • Twitter has 328 million monthly active users
  • • Snapchat has an estimated 255 million monthly active users

A MASSSIVE 93% of Social Media Advertisers are using Facebook to grow their business...  Are you?

Small busines trends says that "82 % of SMALL BUSINESSES have spent less than $50 on a Facebook ad campaign. And more than half — 52 %— say they don’t buy ads on Facebook at all. Among this group of skeptics, 4 percent say they don’t buy ads on Facebook because they find it “too risky” a venture for their money.​"

Small businesses FAIL with Facebook ads because of the following reasons:

1) They don't split test their ads and pay high costs per click

2) They sent traffic to a website or landing page which doesn't convert to leads or sale, but then blame the Facebook ad for not working, when it did in fact work!

3) They aren't targeting the right audiences and therefore wasting money on clicks with the wrong people.

The good news is, you don't have to waste your time and money any more, because we can do ALL of the hard work for you.




In this program you get...

1 Facebook AD Campaign Done For You (VALUE: $1000) - I will receive 1 completely custom-made Facebook Ad Campaign for my brand, business, products, or passions so that I can drive traffic, grow my list and make myself an income.

Custom FB Ad Graphics (VALUE $597) - This includes the custom graphics for the ad campaign with converting call to action approved by Facebook.

We test your ad graphics and sales copy to find the highest converting ad (VALUE $2997) – Done for you by split testing and Facebook research.

We retarget the leads from your sites with Website Custom Audiences (Value $5997) – We track any Facebook user lead that visits your website and later visits Facebook. From there we then can put your ad in front of them - talk about targeted!

We build a list (VALUE 1997) - These are highly targeted individuals that you want to get in front of. When the ad campaign is complete, you will receive the details of your targeted audience to promote to in the future.

We manage for your ad campaign (Value $1000/month) – With a minimum ad budget of $300 we will test each ad which could give you 500,000 impressions depending on your niche and audience and if it’s a global product. Ad management will be Ad cost with Facebook +20% or you can continue the ad campaign yourself.

One-on-one strategy call with Dominic Degrazier (VALUE $2997) – So that we are clear about your products, services, target market, competition and have a complete understanding of what you want to achieve with your Ad Campaign. Dominic will also look at where you are sending traffic to in order to make sure you get higher conversions (we want you to have the best chance of success!).

Join us and others and make an income from Facebook!

All you have to do if click on the Add To Cart button below and you will have immediate access to the membership site. 

So get started today!  Don't waste another day of your life where you could be doing the things YOU want to be doing!

Facebook Ad Completely

Done For You (Save $594)



Facebook Ads Completely

Done For You Payment Plan

$1197 x 3 Months


I understand that I will invest $2997 or $1197 x 3 monthly payments to set up a Facebook Ad for my business. This is a nonrefundable program as a lot of time and resources are put into developing the ad, copywriting, graphics and set up in your Facebook Ad account and more.  I understand that I will need to allocate a separate Ad spend budget each week or month and that I will be charged 20% management fee on ad spend for management of ongoing ads after the first 30 days.  I understand that If I want to promote a different page or destination online, this will be a new Ad set up charge as the offer, link and graphics will need to be redesigned and changed.

If you want to take your Facebook Advertising to a whole new level, then check this out!


Here's what you get...

An actual BOT is created within your FB page to: 

• respond to  messages automatically

• create audiences via messaging

• send private messages to this audience like an email but with average of 90% open/read rate!!!

• inform, entertain, perform basic customer service and keep your fans involved with the page and the company

INITIAL Ad creation & Managing (In above package)

• Graphics (if needed, but client graphics work best if available)

• Ad Creation: usually a contest to get viewers to comment 

• Posting - Sales Copy, Placements, Audiences

• BOT Messaging Structure (with content supplied and edited as needed) 

• Subscriber List Created from BOT replies

BOT Greeting Message - This alleviates you having to monitor your initial contact FB messages. This gives the FB user a bit of direction for informational searching along with the feeling that your FB page is very active and responsive to needs.

Instant welcome message

Default Message when Bot doesn’t understand

Contact Us Menu

BOT Artificial Intelligence. This alleviates you having to monitor most all questions coming to your FB page. We set up answers to the most common questions with links as wanted as well.

• Top 20 questions and answers

         - This can be updated as asked for within the first month of     package

BOT Sequences

• Essentially a funnel within FB Messenger - can connect to Website, Phone Numbers, etc as wanted

• Can be designed like current email funnels, however in more of an engaging way (**CONTENT Provided for emails)

BOT Broadcasting (sending messages to Messenger Subscribers). This is not in sequence but rather to your chosen audience(s). 

• Can be for Sales, Specials, News, Games, etc to keep your audience in touch with your page

• “Tags” set up within messaging to allocate users to appropriate Audiences. For example, “Comment Contest” Audience or “Product X” depending on the actions the user has taken with the BOT

What’s Not Included:

Minimal Monthly BOT fee - this will depend on the amount of subscribers the BOT contacts per month. Ranges from $0 for the first 500 subscribers and increases to $15 with 1,000 subscribers contacted and so on.

• You will be connected to your private BOT and can see the charges and results of your BOT

Sequence Message Content - This should mirror, with BOT language variations, your email campaigns. With this content, the BOT can be created but in the necessary flow style with links, photos, etc.

Incoming Message Monitoring - At times, the user will be messaging something the BOT does not understand and the default message will be sent. A manual reply will need to be sent to the user with information which is your responsiblity as most answers are related to your specific business. 

FB Advertisement Spend - Ads will be executed in the client’s Facebook Ads Manager account and Ad spend will be the client’s responsibility. 

CHAT BOT Completely Done For You

$1997 (Save $394)


CHAT BOT Completely Done For You

$797 x 3 Monthly Payments