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"Marketing has nothing to do with you or your product or service! It has everything to do with your customer."  

If you aren't getting the results you are wanting online, then you have come to the right place. Integrity Marketing Corporation will help you get clear about your passion and purpose, product path, message to market match and set your business up online to get FREE traffic and leads, then convert those leads into real customers.

Step 1: Your Custom Strategy

If you want to get fast results online, then you need a clear strategy and path to get there.  Most businesses fail because the overlook basic things like cashflow, who they are targeting, planning or even what they really want to acheive from their business.

Too many businesses were created with the idea of creating a better life, however they create another job for themselves and quite often more work or stress than before.

Our system works with a proven step by step formula. It starts with a strategy. What do you want to create online, who is your ideal customer, where are they online, how to reach them for free or cheap set up costs. What kinds of products are you going to sell to create the lifestyle you want?  All of these questions and more will be answered in this Strategy Session.

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Lead Generation - Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are by far the fastest and cheapest way to drive traffic to your business. Not only can you track every single customer who clicks on your website and leaves, but you can also target your competitors fans without them even knowing.

Since Facebook has over 1.6 Billion users and knows everything about us, our likes, marital status, age, demographics etc, targeting in Facebook is by far the most powerful marketing tool available.

Google has 5.6 Billion hits each day, Facebook has over 100 Billion hits each day. If you are not using Facebook ads in your business, you are missing out. Click to the right to see more about our Done For You Ads Program.

Social Media Optimization

In order to get FREE leads from social media, positioning and branding in the major platforms is essential to acheive this.  Your market are searching for you in Social Media, but are you getting found?

The message that you present to your customers on your cover graphics will either attract new customers or propell. We work with you to create the social media branding and call's to action to ensure the highest possible click through rate from your social media pages.  

When done correctly Social Media pages like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Twitter and Instagram can all be powerful lead generation tools for your business.

Converting Landing Pages

Websites are important, but to get the highest conversions online, you have to use landing pages. Websites have too many options and choices for a potential customer, so just having one offer on a landing page will convert much better.

Every business needs minimum 1 Opt-in page and 1 Sales page.  You must build a database of potential customers and you obviously need a place for them to purchase your product or service.

If you are sending leads to your website or current landing pages and they aren't converting into your list or into a buyer, then this program is for you. Click to the right to see more.

Authority Website

Your authority website is your online business card. Customers want to know you are a real business and that you help other people just like them get results.  When we create your authority website, it is about showing your potential client the who, why, what, where and how of you.

Your website should build trust in you and your business and show how you can solve your customers problems.

This is where you showcase your products and services, build a database and even blog regular content to build trust.  Your website should send traffic to the landing pages you have created for the highest conversions.

Since every website is different, we do not have a set fee to create your site. This is fully customised to your products and services and intended customer experience. To get a quote for your Authority Website, click here right now.

However if you do want a very simple Authority site with up to 5 tabs, HOME, ABOUT, PRODUCTS/SERVICES, EVENTS or BLOG, CONTACT, we do have a special offer if you click to the right now.

To get a customized quote for your Authority website click below now!

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Want It All!

Become an AUTHORITY IN YOUR NICHE. We know that to have a successful online business you need three things working together at all times. LEADS, SALES and FULFILLMENT.

It is important to understand this because if you have a website and no leads, you wont make sales. If you have leads but your website doesn't convert, then no sales. So we have created a very special offer for a limited time only.

You get EVERYTHING above DONE FOR YOU for your business.

• 2 x Facebook ads (one for your optin page and one for your sales page) $5997

• Social Media Graphics and branding for Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Instagram and Twitter. $3997

• Optin Landing Page + Sales Page Done For You with thank you pages. $3997

• Authority Website $4997

Total: $18,988

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Online Bizzo is a residual income business in a box white labelled so you can rebrand it as your own business and you can be set up to make sales this week!

1) Own it

2) Rebrand it - choose your own LOGO and (we also have 10 pre made brands ready to go as an option.

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It comes complete with:

Optin page, Sales page, Thank you pages, Affiilate program, Membership program, pre made free education video, pre made online marketing training, bonus membership site and much more. 

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Nothing ever happens unless you spend the time to do it.  All of our programs have a 30 day money back guarantee if you take action!  You must book a meeting and fill out the form for the product/s you purchased to be eligible for a refund.  We don't believe in refunds because we offer a high quality service, so if you aren't willing to take action to get your assets set up, please do not purchase!

If in the unlikely event you do request a refund, any costs associated with the set up of your online assets will be deducted from the original spend.